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Companies are Shifting More on Omni Channel Marketing to Access Target Audience

Marketing and advertising are now undergoing major and rapid changes since they start to move away from mass marketing and prefers a more personalized approach with target audience using platforms and channels normally used. The use of television ads, print media, and blast email campaigns are already on the declined and fast becoming obsolete.

Consumers can be engaged to a brand or service either through a physical store, a mobile app or online websites, social media or catalog. These consumers are now able to access services and products just by calling a business using an app through a mobile smartphone, or calling their phone or using o a laptop, desktop computer or a tablet. 

The term Omni channel is an ongoing marketing buzzword that refers to a significant shift in the marketer's world in order to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device to consumers.  Consumers can now engage with a company either in a physical store, on an online website or mobile app, through a catalog, or through social media.   

Omni channel marketing is now the accepted way of marketing business or brand using a multichannel approach in selling or marketing in order to provide customers with easy and comfortable shopping experience whether doing it using a desktop or mobile device or through phone or through bricks and mortar store.

In order to gauge what the consumers are looking for, a company needs to review what the customers are experiencing whenever they try to purchase research and finally buy the product. There are a lot of data available that are accessible to marketers to be used for their marketing campaign. With these available data, a marketer needs to understand and use points that may be useful to the target audience. It is one way of capturing data in order to build rich profiles of would-be customers.

A marketing analyst can check on previous engagements and purchases made by consumers. Marketers and businesses should listen and respond on how they shop. Focus on the customer not only using a certain device but focus on them using multiple devices that they are able to access to.

One company that can have a quick return on investment for marketing product is Optikal, which is an Omni channel marketing solution that can ensure the ability to reach the target audience. The company offers six platforms to serve, like mobile, social, programmatic/display, traditional, DRM, and CRM. Using these channels and platforms, their solution can provide a one-on-one connection for advertisers and businesses in order to reach target customers.

Optikal offers integrated technology and database partners to identify, then map and finally, transmit advertising message to the target audience using all channels, platforms, and devices.

Omnichannel: The Best Way of Buying Everything, Everywhere

Customers have been going to stores, malls, markets and other shopping places in order to buy their needs. The latest way of shopping without undergoing the hassles is online shopping where they just visit certain websites that offer and sells what they need; pay using credit/debit cards, PayPal, and others. Another type of e-commerce is now introduced, Omnichannel.

Omni came from the Latin word Omnis which means everywhere and everything or all or universal.  Channel is a means of sending or receiving information or a way of selling a company’s product either directly or through distributors.

Omnichannel denotes or relates to a type of retail that incorporates the different methods of shopping available to customers/consumers such as in a physical store, through phone or online. This is now the newest method of encouraging consumers in buying for available goods easily and comfortably.

With Omnichannel you don’t have to check into just one type of brand or store, but you can make your choices from a wider array of goods. You just don’t have to buy all at Best Buy or Target, or just buy what is offered by Gucci I or Channel. You will now be able to choose what is most fitting to you in every possible way and definitely save time and money.

With the stiff competition around, companies are thinking of how to best market their brand. Companies are thinking of ways to make their brand stand out and leveled up with Omnichannel marketing strategy.

If you’re a company that thinks of all customers, not just your customers or their customers, think universally, think Omni. The social media is now the best medium of reaching all customers. Customers now prefer messaging, getting information, comparing, browsing available products using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Optikal is offering Omnichannel marketing solution that provides a one-on-one connection for brands and advertisers looking to reach consumers who will be their future customers, through the use of digital, mobile, traditional, social and digital rights management (DRM). Optikal’s solution is powered by a combination of technology and database partners in order to identify, then map and finally transmit your brand’s message to your target audience using every platform, channel, and device.

Optikal can identify your would-be customers with the help of more than 55 data partners, who do the offline/online profile matching and buying preferences to enable us to reach prospective customers, Optikal maps out a strategy that will ensure that your target audience will engage with your brand, be a repeat buyer and able to influence others as well. Optikal has the proven methodology to identify your customers, map out the best marketing strategy and then transmit the message to your target audience and prospective customers.

Omni Channel Marketing: The New Trend in Advertising

The purchasing journey of consumers nowadays has become topsy-turvy with different channels which would eventually lead them to frustrations. Customers jumping from one channel to another are the reason why most business owners tend to search for ways on how to render a universal customer experience by integrating those channels, this is the Omni Channel Marketing.

Omni channel marketing focuses on delivering a consistent and continuous brand experience across all channels which customers access to interact with product and services. The fact that customers take a multi-device path to purchase, for instance, a customer would want to buy a dress online. She would consume 65% on her Smartphone, 61% on a PC/Laptop and then 4% on her tablet finishing the purchase transaction conveniently.

The concrete example above would create a one-on-one experience also commonly referred to as omni channel marketing. This means having a personal engagement by allowing the customer to control the purchasing process and having it done wherever channel she wants, nailing a somewhat consistent and uninterrupted customer experience from beginning to end.

To begin with omni channel marketing, here are some tenets to help you on the way:

•    Accept the change. Kick off the old-fashioned ways of treating your customers.  Have personal interactions and experiences with them.

•    Create a synthesized and parallel customer profile. With consolidated customer profile, you can have a holistic view of the consumer and will help them establish a customer experience. This can be done through various tools offered by technology.

•    Knowing the fact that consumers jump from one channel to another, always make your channels open for possible customer interactions. Utilize emailing, social media, video chat, text messaging or even the plain old voice mail.

•    Case out data. Before you acquire omni channel marketing you must have a proper data strategy present.

Omni channel is often confused with multi- channel. Not many people recognized the big difference between the two.

Multichannel is the operational view on how customer purchases a certain product or services with the use of different channels such as email, social media, website and other traditional ways of marketing while omni channel is how the consumer would see the world. Meaning the customer is the one in charge in the entire purchasing journey.

To top it all, omni channel marketing gives emphasis on the outside aspect of the business with consideration on the consumers’ universal experience in their purchasing journey.

Top 4 Pitfalls You Must Avoid for a Successful Omni Channel Marketing

Consumers are considered the lifeblood of every business. Without them, any business will not be able to survive at all. The majority of marketers are well aware of that which is why they are doing everything they can in order to uplift their consumer’s experience. Due to this, many of them have started their quest for finding the best marketing method they can implement.

They search far and wide until Omni channel marketing came into the scene. Omni channel marketing provides the marketers the ability to measure and control their consumers experience at each point of time in order to engage with their consumers in a personalized manner.

But, even though Omni channel is being a huge buzzword, many marketers are still confused with the proper implementation of this marketing strategy. Although this is normal for a newbie marketer, they will eventually reach their success in Omni channel marketing by simply avoiding all the pitfalls they could commit as they execute the strategy like the following:

1.    They are not thinking about their Mobile First.

As marketers, they have to remember that smart phones and mobile devices are the centers of Omni channel marketing. So they should focus on their mobile first in order to succeed with their approach. Marketers have to treat smart phones as their consumer’s major control tower. It’s the first thing the consumers will connect on to research about different products, services, to engage in social media and much more.

2.    Unable to Put Contact Number Everywhere.

It is said that digital marketing will bring in 100 billion calls to US businesses this year 2016. This fact made it clear that calls are playing a huge part in digital marketing. This is why marketers must ensure that their contact details are being displayed promptly within their website and landing pages.

3.    They are not optimizing their website for Local Search.

On the part of the consumers, searching has been a huge part of their daily living and they mostly do it using their smart phones and other mobile devices. For the success of their Omni channel, marketers must ensure that their Google my Business listing is always updated.

4.    Neglecting to capitalize on an In-Store Audience.

As consumers use their mobile devices as they shop, they would rather look up their needed information with their smart phones instead of talking to an in-store employee. Although this is the reality, they should combine both worlds in order to heighten their consumer's shopping experience.

By knowing the things they have to avoid as they implement Omni channel marketing on their business, they can easily get away from future problems and they can eventually reach success. 

Omnichannel Marketing: Helps You Win Your Customers

Reaching a broader audience and effective engagement with customers is what Omnichannel Marketing is aiming. Viewing overall customer familiarity from the customer’s viewpoint to better appreciate their purchasing journeys and accommodate their unique buying needs.

Allowing customers to access products and services in most convenient way; gathering demographic and behavioral data, and psychographic information, through this collected data, you were able to understand your customers. Their interests, values, and options also have similarity with their concerns such as, price sensitivity, brand loyalty and channel affinity.

Displaying across multiple channels is the point of this marketing strategy. Most efforts are into social media. Measuring of data is crucial because data is everywhere and become increasingly informative about the best way to control it without becoming invasive.

By accordingly, segmenting your audience, you can better understand your audience. From the data at their fingertips, you can collect data from their website activity. Social media “likes” are best to distinguish them through this you can see how they connect with you.

Content and messaging is an essential in this world of business. And if you discover a marketing audience this might be a highlight technical pages this could be a rich data to consider. Using reference intent can be translated into customer cases.

Building buyer personas through sales interviews, interacting with people through research, the objective will be clear. This relate with different persona component to identify such that, to whom do you interact with, this is the identification depending on your goal and complexity of what you need. Who influence those people and who they need to influence, a day-to-day life activity. Where are frequently asked questions. Through this sales interview your goal is to build buyer persona.

Building and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract acquire and engaged a clearly defined audience is also essential. Establishing brand content goals by producing a beautifully written piece this will develop audience personas.

Target audience may vary so a writer may consider different documenting aspects like: demographic information, job titles, and industries with this a writer can create a more effective content and will build higher engagement, loyalty and purchases. Through this we can build and drive profitable customer in action.

Omni Channel Marketing Tips to Create a Meaningful Commitment with Customers

With the explosion of e-commerce, customers now are expecting their shopping experience to be organized and connected. This seamless shopping experience industry buzzword is omni channel marketing. It’s a way to communicate with customers on their terms in today’s competitive market.

Thus, the Omni channel is about building a unified strategic brand experience that can deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time and place in the most effective manner. So, here are the tips that can help to set the path of creating a strategy that will help to create a meaningful engagement with the customers:

  1. Customer’s behavior and journeys in Omni channel space is relatively more complex with various influencing factors and purchases can be made at any time of the day or night. Hence, understanding the customer buying decision process is the key to developing an omnichannel strategy.

Below are some of the considerations in customer buying behavior in the Omni channel space:

  1. Where and where the purchase is made?
  2. What kinds of product purchase are more popular?
  3. What’s the frequency of purchase?
  4. How is the purchase made?

Insights around those questions are essential to help business to clearly map out the customer's journeys in order to understand their needs and preference to deliver the most relevant experiences.

  1. With so many platforms where potential customers discover and browse new products, it’s important to be updated on which channels customers are most active in and what tools is available for businesses to convert impressions into sales.
  2. We all know that customers are flitting back and forth between multiple devices for a single transaction, so businesses must open all their channels to keep a consistent interaction with their customers whether it’s by email, SMS/text, social media and so on.
  3. Before starting in Omni channel marketing approach, business needs to have a proper data strategy in place to be able to collect and gain insights from the information that’s pouring in from all corners. Insights derived from various data sets can help to know the customer better. But having information is not the same as having the right data, so it’s significant to figure out which data requires the most attention.

Therefore, Omni channel marketing is more than just today’s newest trend, it’s a complete change in the way that business owners should look at marketing their target market. Omni channel marketing provides a consistent, personalized experience over multiple devices and methods.

Is Omni-Channel Marketing Differ from Multi-Channel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is often mystified as multichannel marketing, though they’re separate strategies. Let us discuss how these two channels differ from each other.

What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing revolves around the developing of a holistic view of customers experience regardless of the channel. This is based on the beliefs that most customers navigate between various touch points to make a single purchase. Businesses that use omnichannel marketing is engaging in multiple channels to relate with their customers through consistent and seamlessly integrated campaigns. It recognizes customer’s needed to explore different channels and places in the center of the strategy.

Omnichannel strategy assumes that the immense mainstream of consumers will use multiple channels to engage with a single brand to make a purchasing decision.

With all information available from the tip of our fingers, customers are more informed than ever and are much more scrupulous in doing their due diligence before committing to a purchase.

What is multi-channel marketing?

Multichannel marketing seeks to maximize the performance of each channel and engage customers across multiple touch points. Multichannel marketing strategy is based on the assumption that customers have their preferred ways of interacting with a business. Those companies that use multichannel like social media or physical store to interact with customers.

Some of them find a physical store as the most convenient way of shopping while others find online purchase much convenient at the comfort of their homes. Both businesses and customer’s preference may change depending on various factors.

It is a more traditional interpretation of utilizing multiple sales opportunities to reach different types of audiences.

It also assumes that different types of customers are likely to shop for different channels and business should expand the number of selling channels to touch all different segments.

Creating consistent customer communications by means of both omnichannel and multichannel marketing is critical. However, to proficiently create and manage digital assets and marketing content for all channels, businesses must optimize marketing strategy that can support customer’s needs.

Knowing both of the omnichannel and multichannel are essentials to any company distributes marketing content by means of more than one channel. Nonetheless, it is important to keep marketing strategy consistent and relevant to customers. At the end, excellent customer experience matters.

Now that the omni channel marketing and multichannel marketing are clarified, is there really a difference? What’s the overall impact to you?

The Difference Between Omni channel and Multi-channel

Everything is undergoing rapid changes and marketing is not an exemption. Marketing is combined with Omni channel which creates Omni channel marketing. The term Omni-channel refers to a significant shift that marketers now need to provide a seamless experience regardless of their channel. Customers now engage with a company in a physical store, social media or online websites and each customer's experience must consistent and complementary.

                Omni channel is said to be a multichannel approach. Multichannel marketing is the ability to interact with many potential customers from different platforms. A channel can be a print ad, retail location, a website, promotional event, products package and even the word of mouth.

Here are the things marketers must implement in Omni channel marketing:

  • Always review the experience of the customer that goes through in order to research, purchase and connect with the products. Do it regularly, only if possible.
  • Marketers are becoming more intelligent about the best ways to leverage without becoming invasive by measuring everything because data is everywhere.
  • Know what are more useful for you and you can divide the customer accordingly like which data actually help you better to understand your customer.
  • If the customer is previously engaged with your product, consider them for the marketing. Content and messaging the customers makes them feels that you personally spoke to which it helps to drive much higher loyalty and purchases.
  • As more people use multiple devices for their transaction process the more you should make sure that you are able to listen and respond or make interactions with them.


The difference of Multi-channel and Omni channel:

Multichannel refers to multiple or many while Omni channel means all.

  • Multichannel marketing strategy is the one that uses more than just a single channel to reach all customers and possible customers. This can be as simple as adding push notification to the existing email marketing or this can be as complex as coordinating a campaign involving mobile, the web, email, and in-person outreach. Whatever the case maybe, the goal is to engage with the customers more effectively.
  • Omni channel marketing strategy uses every messaging channel to engage customers in a coordinated way.

                There are two ways to know exactly their difference. First, pro-omnichannel holds that multichannel marketing is a clear term and it involves using multiple messaging channels at the same time to reach all customers/consumers. Omni channel marketing strategy should combine all messaging into a multifaceted whole. Second, pro-multichannel is surely executed by having one team sending an email and another team sending push notification without talking to each other. Multichannel marketing strategy must be coordinated.

Four Factors You Need To Consider For Successful Omni Channel Marketing

In the past few years, the competition in the retail and trade industry is skyrocketing. This is due to the fact that the consumers tend to explore and try out different products based on different factors. Aside from that, the personal profile of the consumers can also affect the purchasing power as well as their behavior towards availing certain products or services. In order to deal with the difference among the consumers, it is important to take note of the importance and positive effects of making the most out of omni channel marketing.

Omni channel marketing is a method that aims to reach a wider range of clients by utilizing several platforms as well as establishing a brick and mortar store. Even though omni channel marketing can be a tricky business, it is still possible to get through it and find success just by considering the following four factors.

Factor # 1: Budget for the marketing strategy

At first, implementing omni channel marketing can be pretty expensive. There is no doubt with that since working on several platforms in one instance is really expensive. But, keep in mind that whenever working in an Omni channel marketing, its effects and benefits can be reaped in the long run.

Factor # 2: Purchasing power of the prospect consumers

No matter how good your products and services are if your prospect consumers and clients can’t avail such products and services, it is completely useless. Therefore, if you want your omni channel efforts to come to life, make sure that you will determine the purchasing powers of the prospect customers.

Factor # 3: Type of company

In its general sense, omni channel marketing works great for all types of companies coming from different industries. But, before conducting omni channel marketing, it is best to determine the type of company your business fits in. This will help you to make a doable plan that helps to leverage your company’s overall growth and capacity to prosper.

Factor # 4: Competition in the market or industry the company belongs

They say that when it comes to business, learning from the competitors is very important. To tell you frankly, it really is important to ensure that you are aware of the competition. By doing so, you will determine the possible downfalls of your business and work on it as soon as possible. Aside from that, it will also help to make a new move in order to help the company progress continuously.

Three Major Benefits of Omni Channel Marketing

Once you decided to open a brand or company, promoting and advertising your brand or company is very important. It is one of the key factors in order to reach a wider range of clientele who can avail the products or services that your company offers. Thus, you need to consider various methods to do the advertising task right. If you are looking for ways in order to reach more clients, you can try out omni channel marketing.

Omni channel marketing is multi-channel marketing approach that makes use of various mediums and platforms in order to give a seamless experience for the customers or clients. If you haven’t tried omni channel marketing just yet, here are the three major benefits that can persuade you to give omni channel marketing a shot.

Benefit # 1: Omni channel marketing can help to gather more sales.

One of the primary reasons why many companies are trying out the wonders of omni channel marketing is the fact that it can help to drive an increase in the sales. The use of different platforms can drive sales. In addition to that, the large majority of companies using omni channel marketing strategy are expecting an increase in their sales as the result of the method.

Benefit # 2: Omni channel marketing can help to reach more customers.

Omni channel marketing aims to reach more customers. As a matter of fact, over 62% of companies are currently using or planning to use omni channel marketing strategy. Aside from that, omni channel strategies are critical and vital for the companies. Some of the most popular companies utilizing omni channel marketing are the Disney, Starbucks, Apple, Clinique, Sephora, Chipotle, Bank of America, Virgin Atlantic, and REI.

Benefit # 3: Omni channel marketing can help to build the presence of the company.

If your brand or company is relatively new in the industry, the best way that you can do in order to make and establish your brand is to utilize omni channel marketing. By using an omni channel, you can establish a name in the different platforms available. If you want to ensure that the launch of your company will make a good impression, it is highly advisable to start all of the platforms in one go. Launching your company’s profile in a single day can help to build a more solid and tough opening that can make a good buzz around the industry.

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